Sufficient Grace Easy Trumpet Trio

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by Eddie Lewis

Easy trumpet trio sheet music for Sufficient Grace is available at:

Sufficient Grace

Sufficient Grace easy trumpet trio sheet music pdf
Cover design by Dr. Pearl Lewis

Sufficient Grace is an educational trumpet trio incorporating grace notes throughout all three parts. In my system, we teach grace notes to the students at the Trumpet Tyro level. That’s the second of seven levels. Technically it is still a beginner level, but these are not absolute beginners. They are students who have been playing trumpet for at least three to six months, or as long at two years… depending on their rate of progress.

Even though this is an educational piece, it is still a legitimate piece of music. All of my educational works are treated with the same musical respect as my most advanced works. These are not “dummied down”. I compose the same way for all the different skill levels. The difference with the work for the beginners is that the boundaries are a lot tighter.

We are taught (well, at least I was) that embellishments only happen in the top parts. There’s a reason for this. And normally I would stick to that principle. However, this is an educational piece and I wanted all of the students to get plenty of grace note work on this piece. So I made that happen by giving the composition some almost eastern tints.

Lots of Trios

I’ve written a lot of trumpet trios over the past ten years. This is not by coincidence. Part of it is due to what I wrote in the Tyro Tykes blog. There are voicing constrictions for the less difficult trumpet parts. The more parts you add, the more cramped the music becomes. It’s like playing the traditional wooden game called Klotzy.

Trios give us at least a little more wiggle room, but it’s more than just a wiggle room issue.

There is also a supply and demand pyramid involved. The larger the ensemble, the fewer the sales. This is simple economics. It is more difficult to get eight people together than it is to get three people together. So music for smaller ensembles is always going to be in greater demand.

There is also another supply and demand pyramid that most people already know about. There are more beginners than there are virtuosos. So the market reflects these numbers. I’ve seen it in my own stats. The easier stuff sells more copies.

It makes perfect business sense to distribute my creative work across both of those spectra. If you look at our catalogue, our products lean more heavily on the beginner side and on the smaller ensemble side of these spectra. But I also have some very nice and very important large ensembles for more advanced players. And the nice things about those pieces is that they pay better.

Why do they pay better?

Once again, it’s the numbers!

I set my prices according to how many pages the piece has. Larger ensembles already have more pages because of the extra parts, but the more difficult pieces also tend to be longer, which also contributes to the page count. One of our trumpet ensembles, Hopewell Suite, is almost $80 (it’s available with a huge discount at Tiger Music). That’s a trumpet sextet with seven movements. So yeah, that’s a lot more music and it makes sense that it will cost more.

So, that’s why we have a lot more easy trumpet trios in our catalogue than we do most of anything else.

Also for More Advanced Trumpet Players

Most trumpet players already know this, but less difficult music is not only for beginner trumpet students. As pros, sometimes we add easier music to our repertoire just because we like the way it sounds. And it helps a lot to have at least a few pieces that don’t challenge the musicians as much.

It’s a myth that great players only play difficult music.

That’s one of the reasons I do what I can to compose these easy pieces as legitimate compositions. These are not just dummied down pieces. I invest just as much respect into these easy works as I do into the more difficult, larger ensemble pieces.

Easy trumpet trio sheet music for Sufficient Grace is available at:

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