Teaching Pros vs Non-Pros: 2 Approaches

by Eddie Lewis

This video didn’t start out as a video about my teaching style, but it ended up being exactly that. I do have a different approach for the trumpet students who say they want to be professional trumpet players. I am compelled to be more strict with them because their future livelihoods depend on it.

The video is long. It’s about an hour in length. So I’m not ONLY talking about the teaching style. I’m covering a lot of bases that touch on things like responsibility, standards, and satisfaction.

I hope you enjoy it.

2 Responses

  1. Mary

    Three thoughts …

    … I have a Carley Simon song running around in my head as I type this first thought … Yeah. your timing told me the subject was probably in your head before I posted but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway cos if I posted a comment on a public space then I have to accept that it’s open to public comment. And yes, my rebellion caused me to waste other people’s time and money and that was something I had to come to terms with. It’s not something I’m proud of. It’s something I had to learn from. I have a very strong bolshy streak and I’ve had to learn to discern when it’s right and when it’s leading me astray.

    … I can still remember the day 22 years ago when I realised that other people weren’t going to put the effort into understanding me that I put into understanding them. It was very very painful because it was at a time when I was struggling to help my parents through some really big health issues and I needed support that I didn’t get … but it was also a real growing point because it was liberating. It didn’t stop me putting the effort in but I no longer had to do so. I could choose.

    … The best teachers in my opinion … and I really believe you have a strong calling and skill … the best teachers don’t teach by formulae and rules or impart knowledge for its own sake but assess each student seperately and chart a path that will enable them to gain the knowledge and skills that they need in order to to grow and develop. People are not machines. One of the most valuable things needing to be taught today is how to assess all the information coming our way … in this case about music. You make the comment that you are not a proper teacher in the usual sense but I would counter that a lot of what goes for teaching today isn’t teaching. What I’ve seen you do in your videos is real teaching.

    • Eddie Lewis

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      I guess the reason I often say I am not a teacher in the traditional sense is because of a personality test I took about fifteen years ago. My wife and I took “spiritual calling” tests at our church. Teacher was one of the results, but I didn’t get that as a result. What I got was “learner” and “sharer”. Ha ha ha…. There were some other things in there too. I think they said I was a prophet. Stuff like that.

      But it’s true. I have a passion for learning and a passion for sharing what I learn. And it really is different from what that test considered to be a teacher.

      And you are right. There are some horrible things happening in education today.

      I had a similar experience to you in the 80’s when I learned that having moral values didn’t mean that the people I dealt with would automatically reciprocate with those same moral values. You can’t expect other people to “do the right thing” just because you “did the right thing”. Yeah, that was a tough lesson learned.

      But yeah, the understanding thing too. I can understand that completely.

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