Too Easy? Don’t Skip It!

by Eddie Lewis

Too Easy? What Should You Do?

This behind the wheel video grew out of another video that I am working on. I am doing a video about how to master scales using my books. This is in response to a request someone made on another video. I have several scale books and I think people want to know what to do with them.

In that video, I stress that, if you want to truly master all twelve keys, then you should not skip the easy exercises.

We have a tendency to want to skip to the difficult stuff, thinking that working on the easy stuff is wasting our time. And sometimes this is true. If you are working on a project that has a time limit, then it doesn’t make any sense to spend time on something you can already easily play.

Some Work Is for Long Term Gains

But some of the stuff we practice is NOT on a deadline. Takes scales for example. The video that prompted me to also make this behind the wheel video was about how to master the twelve different keys. Unless you are cramming for a last minute scale test for school, then you should be approaching the scales in a way that produces the greatest benefits.

If you are not on a tight schedule, then it makes more sense to practice the stuff that’s “too easy” to play. Don’t skip it just because it’s “too easy”.

We Want it All to be Too Easy

The thing is, all of us who aspire to be great players aspire to be that guy who makes everything look too easy. And following the logic that says “you don’t get apples from an orange tree”, I also believe that you don’t become that kind of player by struggling with the horn.

To become a musician for which everything is “too easy”, you have to live on that side of the horn. You have to camp out at the “too easy” side and live there for a long time.

When you skip the stuff that is “too easy”, you are choosing to make everything more difficult. That’s what we talk about in the video.

I hope the video helps you to make better choices in your practice time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below.

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