Trumpet Chat Live Stream No. 56

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by Eddie Lewis

We are on a roll!


This has been months and months of consecutive weeks of live stream Q and A sessions. Of course, this is due to the infamous lockdown. The Q and A’s are a silver lining that comes from a very dark cloud. Before the lockdown we weren’t able to do live streams every week because of my gigging schedule.

Speaking of gigs… a lot of my spring gigs got rescheduled into September. Well, the last one of those was just re-canceled. 🙁

So September is wide open once again.

You know, I remember my first 15 years as a professional musician, I had doubts. I didn’t know if I had what it takes to do this.

Well, it turns out that I had more than I needed and I did quite well.

But today, if I have any doubts about music as a career, they are not doubts of self. No, today, I have a very serious lack of trust in society, mostly our government, but also a lack of trust in the populous that so willingly accepts what the government tells them to do. It doesn’t make sense to me, today, to invest so much time and energy into a career that society feels it can just “unplug” when it feels like it.

When the lockdown first started, when they separated “essential” workers from “non-essential” workers, I had an epiphany in the form of a metaphor. This is not a new metaphor. It’s a metaphor that comes from the Bible. And actually, in some ways the biblical version is NOT a metaphor, but a genuine reality. But to non-Christains reading the bible, they would say that it is a metaphor. And that’s the form I recognized in this epiphany.

Society functions like a body. In Christianity, we often say that The Church is the Body of Christ. And when we talk about people’s giftings, we compare those giftings and the roles those people play in The Church as being different parts of The Body.

And what do we know about the body when it comes to what’s essential what’s not essential?

If you cut off circulation to your pinky finger, not only will it eventually die, but it will also impact the rest of the body with its death. Right?

Saying that some jobs should continue because they are essential, while other jobs should not continue because they are not essential, is like saying “you need your brain and lungs to stay alive, but we are going to cut off circulation to all the other parts of your body so your big toe doesn’t get sick and die.”


There are no non-essential jobs. This is true in The Church! It is just as true in a society.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about this is to explain why I’ve been able to do so many of these Q and A sessions. I haven’t had a gig since February. I’m not complaining about it. God miraculously set me up for this, beginning in 2016. So I was ready when it happened. But yes, I have a lot more Friday’s to dedicate to this Q and A session than I did in previous years.

Praise God!

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