Trumpet Chops Tyro

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Trumpet Chops Tyro

We are pleased to announce the release of the second book in our Trumpet Chops series. Trumpet Chops Tyro is a daily trumpet routine for trumpet players with a range up to fourth space E. This is a beginner level routine for students who have been playing the trumpet for about three to six months.

Why Practice Trumpet Chops Tyro?

We believe that trumpet students of all skill levels benefit from doing a daily routine of trumpet rudiments, long tones, lips slurs, scales, and articulation studies. There is added benefit for the younger, beginning students in that the routine helps them establish a daily habit of practicing the exercises that help improve their playing.

Traditionally younger less advanced students are not encouraged to practice formal routines like the pros do. The reason was always because of the students’ skill levels. The routines are always written for intermediate to advanced players. The only beginning students who could do those routines were exceptionally gifted with natural trumpet chops.

The good news is that I have been writing daily routines for beginners since 1989. I have developed the skill of simplifying advanced exercise and concepts into a routine easily accessible to beginner students.

Trumpet Chops Tyro is one of those routines. The routine gives you, as a beginning trumpet player, access to the same exercise benefits as what the pros practice.

What is the Trumpet Chops Series?

The Trumpet Chops Series is a set of trumpet routine books that is meant to replace my original Daily Routines book. I wrote the Daily Routines book in the late 80’s, published it in 1990 or 1991, then practiced and taught the book for decades.

As I used the Daily Routines book, I slowly developed a collection of improvements. The new routines in the Trumpet Chops series are based on the same pyramidal structure as the original Daily Routines book. That means the primary benefits are the same. The differences are in the details of the exercises.

For example, most of the exercise in the Trumpet Chops series are based on an expansion concept. The exercises expand in range and difficulty They also tend to cycle through all twelve keys. The articulation studies demonstrate this concept perfectly. There are twelve exercises, one for each key. The bottom note descends for each new exercise. The top note also ascends for each new exercise. By the twelfth exercise you are playing the articulation study across your full range. Also… the order of the articulation patterns is also progressive. They begin with mostly slurs and “expand” to exercises that mostly tongue.

All of the exercises in the new routines have this type of modification from the old exercises. The only exercises that remain unchanged are the Tonlization Studies.

The Trumpet Tyro Level

The Trumpet Tyro Level is the second skill level in my system. It is the second of two beginner skill levels and has a range up to fourth space E. This makes the Trumpet Chops Tyro book a perfect fit for most second year junior high school students.

The Trumpet Tyro level is sees the trumpet student playing exercises in seven different major keys, up to three flats and three sharps.

Easy Trumpet Exercises

What makes all of my routines valuable, aside from their pyramidal structure, is that they cover your full range without going over that line. This means the Trumpet Chops Tyro book can be used as part of the One Range approach to trumpet strength development.

If your current range is up to fourth space E, then the Trumpet Chops Tyro will be your top routine in the One Range cycle. This will be the routine that makes you tired. Your fatigue from doing this book will help you build your strength in a way that is 100% applicable to musical contexts.

If your range is higher than fourth space E, then the Trumpet Chops Tyro book is one of the routines you can play on your non-fatigue days. I don’t like to all these resting days because you are still playing your horn on those days. But we are going to do range limiting to help rebuild the muscles after your more difficult fatigue days.

If your range is not up to fourth space E, then you are not ready for this book yet.

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