Trumpet Christmas Hymn: All My Heart This Night Rejoices

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All My Heart This Night Rejoices
Trumpet Christmas Hymn

Paul Gerhardt, Catherine Winkworth, Johann G. Ebeling
Eddie Lewis on Trumpet

Merry Christmas everyone. I decided to post a special Christmas Eve edition of this Unaccompanied Trumpet Hymn series. The videos I’ve been posting lately are more obscure, and there is just a little bit of selfishness in this. I am enjoying exploring the music of our culture that has been all but lost. So I hope you enjoy this blast from the far, far past (1666 to be exact).

These Trumpet Christmas Hymns are my gift to you and to God. If you don’t already know, these hymns have been a first fruit offering since their beginning. I do these hymns sequentially prior to any other work I do. This is something I’ve been doing for years now. I started recording the hymns in 2015 and published the first album in 2016.

God has greatly blessed me since I started offering the Unadorned Trumpet Hymns as a first fruit offering. These hymns are being streamed word wide, several thousand times per week.

Here is the full text of this hymn:

  1. All my heart this night rejoices,
    As I hear, far and near, sweetest angel voices;
    “Christ is born,” their choirs are singing,
    Till the air, everywhere, now with joy is ringing.
  2. Hark! a voice from yonder manger,
    Soft and sweet, doth entreat, “Flee from woe and danger;
    Brethren, come; from all that grieves you
    You are freed; all you need I will surely give you.”
  3. Come, then, let us hasten yonder;
    Here let all, great and small, kneel in awe and wonder,
    Love Him Who with love is yearning;
    Hail the star that from far bright with hope is burning.

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