Youtube Video: Sarabande by Eddie Lewis

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This is a promotional video we made for the Celebrations book and
the Vintage Trumpet Treasures CD.

101 Original Duets for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis
Celebrations – Art Work by Dr. Pearl Lewis

Celebrations is a book of 101 original trumpet duets covering every possible skill level. This Sarabande is in five four time, which offers a bit of a twist on the traditional Baroque dance form. It is number 59 in a book of 101, and since the duets are stratified in order of difficulty, this recording gives you an idea of the overall difficulty level for the rest of the book.

The Sarabande is actually one of my favorites from the Celebrations book. When I began writing the duets for the book, I wasn’t sure yet which direction I would take it. I had about six different book ideas but instead of choosing one, I decided to combine all of the ideas into one book. Thus the size of the book, 166 pages of original trumpet duets.

The book idea this Sarabande comes from was an idea to “practice” my composition skills in the various Baroque forms. I used an educational website to source “homework assignments” which I modified to fit the two trumpet instrumentation. I believe there are about ten of these Baroque homework assignments in the Celebrations book and I’m very happy with each of them.

Vintage Trumpet Treasures

The Vintage Trumpet Treasures CD is a collection of recordings of trumpet duets that I believe would have been popular 100 years ago. I recorded the duets over the summer of 2011 and we spent the next nine months preparing the CD for production. I won’t go into details about that part of it on this page, but it was a great learning experience. I feel confident enough now to “produce” anyone’s CD. I feel like I can take a prospective client from the idea stage all the way through to completion. It is very exciting to add another skill set to my tool belt!

People I have spoken with about the project get a funny look on their face. One friend actually told me, “I hope you don’t plan on making any money on this project. People won’t buy a CD of trumpet duets.” Ha! I’ve been getting that kind of feedback all my career.

It reminds me of the time I arranged one of my trumpet etudes for brass quintet. The leader of the group I proposed to perform it with asked, “why would we perform an etude in public?” He he he… It wasn’t long before my “etude” was one of his favorite brass quintet compositions.

People assume that duets and etudes and the like are boring because they are educational. But music is music. What sounds good is good as long as the people like it. It doesn’t matter what its origins are. The duets on the Vintage Trumpet Treasures CD are no less wonderful than any other music from that era. They are full formed songs with some very interesting and uplifting melodies. On the CD are 22 duets by Walter M. Eby, Wilhelm Kopprasch, Frederic Bonnisseau and two of my original duets from my Celebrations book.

So, yeah, I’m excited about this CD and I hope you will check it out. It is due to be officially released on June 1st. We will post more about it as the date comes closer. So keep coming back here for more information.

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