Thanksgiving Trumpet Hymn: A Joyful Song of Praise

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A Joyful Song of Praise (Canaan)

Ambrose N. Blatchford
Eddie Lewis Trumpet

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I decided to do one extra trumpet hymn this week so I would have one to post separately on Thanksgiving day.

I love the melody of this hymn and the lyrics, too. This hymn has been printed and sitting in my “Trumpet Hymns to Record” folder for weeks now. And I’m happy to be recording it and sharing it with you now.

What does it mean to be thankful?

I recently read a comment on Facebook by a very unhappy man who has seen some very bad times in his life. And things just keep getting worse for him. When I see all that he has suffered, my heart aches for him.

He is offended when people tell him that he should “look at the bright side” and such. I can imagine how difficult it might be to “FEEL” gratitude, emotionally, when you’ve hit rock bottom.

That’s why, to me, emotions are not part of it. Emotions are fleeting. They come and go like tides and don’t really reflect who we are or what we believe, etc.

To me, gratitude is when you know (not feel) that all the best of what you have comes from God. That way, when you are in the dumps and everyone is telling you that you should “feel” grateful, you don’t have to let it make you feel even worse. You can just look at the facts. Yes, there are things you can say are bad about your life. Put those aside just for a moment and just acknowledge, intellectually, that there is some good in your life. Then acknowledge that this good comes from God.

That’s how I see it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Full Text of the Hymn:

  1. A joyful song of praise we sing,
    And thankfully we gather
    To bless the love of God above,
    Our everlasting Father.
    • Refrain:
      In Him rejoice with heart and voice
      Whose glory fadeth never,
      Whose providence is our defense,
      Who lives and loves forever.
  2. From shades of night He calls the light,
    And from the sod the flower;
    From every cloud His blessings break
    In sunshine or in shower.
  3. Full in His sight His children stand,
    By His strong arm defended,
    And He whose wisdom guides the world,
    Our footsteps hath attended.
  4. For nothing falls unknown to Him,
    Of care or joy or sorrow;
    And He whose mercy ruled the past
    Will be our stay tomorrow.
  5. Then praise the Lord with one accord,
    To His great name give glory;
    And of His never-changing love
    Repeat the wondrous story.

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