Trumpet Hymn: The Shadow of His Wings

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Sorry, this one was written and ready to go but I ended up never posting it. We’ve been swamped here for the past few weeks and I’m only now getting caught up on this stuff.

Trumpet Hymn Video

Here’s another beautiful hymn from the late 19th century. I am enjoying recording this more obscure hymns. But the question is, why are these hymns as obscure as they are?

I’ve been recording hymns this way for several years now. I’ve developed something of a style for it. When the hymns are this long and have a refrain that spans as long as the verse, I do the harmonies on the refrain. It just makes the most sense this way.

Finding Rest

“In the shadow of His wings,
There I sweetly rest,
How my soul is blest!”

There have been many moments in my life when I relied on this visualization to seek rest in times of turmoil and adversity. The Bible says that our life in Christ leads to a peace beyond understanding. This is one of the biblical promises. The idea of crawling under His wings to enjoy his comforts appeals to me. Just what I need in times of adversity.

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  1. Rick Peron

    What a gorgeous sound you get out of that horn Eddie! (I have no idea what it is btw, but wow… ) And what a beautiful Hymn as well. Thanks for sharing these!

    • Eddie Lewis

      Thank you Rick. It’s a P5 from a small maker in Portland called Puje (pronounced like Pudgy). The horn I’m playing on is a prototype that he actually made just for me. I’m not sure if the model is in production yet, but I’m sure it will be soon. Thanks for checking it out! Great to hear from you.

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