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Trumpet Play-Along: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Here’s our latest You Play First Chair trumpet play-along. It’s a Christmas one, obviously. This arrangement is done in an early 20th Century style. One of the comments on the original YouTube post said that it sounded like Hindemith to him. That’s about right. It’s like a Hindemith arrangement of the standard Christmas Carol.

This arrangement is fun for the musicians and interesting for the audience. Because it is a little modern sounding, there are some more conservative contexts where it may not be as appropriate. But it will make a wonderful trumpet feature on a Christmas concert and other performances of that nature.

It’s not a difficult piece. I put it at a difficulty level of 4 in my system, which is at the level I call Trumpet Apprentice. This is the second intermediate level in my seven level system. The highest note in the first trumpet part is a written A.

You can purchase the sheet music for this arrangement at the following online locations:

About the YPFC Video Series

We make these play-along videos available for a few different reasons. One reason is because it gives people a chance to “test drive” the arrangement before they buy it. And that’s good. You know before you spend the money if your first trumpet player can play the part or not. We also like making these play-alongs available to our students. Not all of our students have opportunities to perform with ensembles. These play-alongs give them a virtual opportunity. And since the play-along videos are posted anyway, we are happy to invite the general public to enjoy them as well.

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